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It is the technical body of the Permanent Population Committee which works continuously to achieve its objectives and carry out the tasks entrusted to it, and to implement its activities according to approved planning and resources. Its main tasks include:

  • Follow up the implementation of decisions and recommendations of the Standing Committee for Population, prepare periodical follow-up reports on the activities of the Committee and its achievements, and document all topics related to the work of the Committee as well as the minutes of meetings and correspondence.
  • To analyze the results of population censuses and surveys on subjects directly related to population policies and programs, and to benefit from these results in the development of procedures and events aimed at achieving the objectives of the Standing Committee for Population.
  • Conducting theoretical and field studies and research aimed at diagnosing the reality of the population and the problems that may face them, and proposing scientific solutions to address them, especially the study of population structure, population growth and issues related to the Qatari family and others.
  • Follow up the work of the subcommittees and working groups formed by the Permanent Population Committee to carry out special studies and surveys required by the work of the Committee
  • Work on the rehabilitation and development of technical and administrative staff working in the technical office and points of reference in the relevant national institutions, and benefit from the expertise and technical support provided by regional and international organizations competent in this field.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops related to population issues approved by the Permanent Population Committee
  • Develop and implement the media plan of the Commission with a view to achieving the required population awareness among all segments of society.

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