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The missions of the Permanent Population Committee and its Representatives were determined by the Council of Ministers Decision No. (24) of 2004. The Standing Committee for Population has been reorganized under Cabinet Resolution No. 11 of 2009 as follows:

  • Studying population structure, characteristics and trend
  • Propose the population policy of the state and follow up its implementation after its approval.
  • Preparing studies and research related to the population, aiming at understanding the social reality in the country and developing population policies and programs.
  • Establishing a database and information for demographic variables and preparing appropriate economic demographic models of the state.
  • Activate cooperation and coordination mechanisms between ministries, governmental and non-governmental bodies, and regional, Arab and international organizations on population issues and programs.
  • To benefit from the expertise and technical support provided by regional and international organizations specialized in the field of population.
  • Follow up the procedures of population issues in the comprehensive development plans, especially in the social, health, environmental, educational, media and cultural fields.
  • Follow-up implementation of the population strategy of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  • Participate in regional, Arab and international conferences and seminars related to population issues, and work on the implementation of their recommendations.
  • Study the subjects which are within its terms of reference that are submitted by the competent authorities.

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